Inspirational Thoughts

Confidence and quiet self- assurance is the order of the day.  We remind ourselves of the Truth, that we are one with God in the midst of changing circumstances.  We plan and put in the work, but we are unattached to specific outcomes.  Our way is peaceful as we choose not to control or make something happen, but allow our lives to unfold melodically to the rhythm of the Divine.

Know you are serenely complete.  Move forward with confidence expecting great good to bless and support you.  Rest in the sacred all knowing Presence of God.  Dwell in the Graciousness of this day.  Create new grooves in your mind.  Grooves of Selfless Compassion, Infinite Love, Creativity,  Possibility and Infinite Potential.  Let go of the old and embrace this newness as you.

Experience the spiritually magnetic energy of the Angels of Life by Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon and artist Greg Crumbly. They are presented in several ways; greeting cards with an inspirational message, Giclée prints, note cards, angel blankets, throw pillows, tote bags, magnets, gift sets and beautiful angel tags (our most popular item).

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